Prison as a Means to Change

Tommaso ended up in prison where he claims his journey of recovery began. He became open-minded to programs of recovery and creating positive change while incarcerated. He embraced the programming offered to him and dedicated himself to pursuing a second chance. He considers himself hard-working, driven, and strong-willed and applied these traits to achieve recovery. Tommaso credits his prison programming as the best advice he could have received.

Support Makes a Difference

After his release he had a new outlook on life. He has established support systems which include his family, his job, and a spiritual foundation. He is determined to stay successful and sober one day at a time. A commitment to his job and family helps him keep going.

Life Today

Today Tommaso takes pride in being four and a half years sober and looks forward to continuing his journey of sobriety and recovery. He loves his work, his home, being independent, and enjoys the company of like-minded individuals.

“Keep the focus on rebuilding yourself. Stay away from anything that risks your recovery.”
– Tommaso I.