Financial Services

Is it Possible to Pursue a Career in Financial Services?

A criminal past may prohibit some from pursuing a career in the financial services field. Most job applications in this field require a background check. If an individual’s past is not related to theft, burglary, or robbery, it may be possible to find work in this field. If a conviction was drug-related and happened much earlier in life, it may not be a problem in the current day job search.

Jobs in the financial services industry include banking, financial institutions, loan companies, tax advisors, or credit companies. All require support staff and can provide opportunities for promotion with on-the-job training.

Types of Jobs

  • Filing clerk
  • Computer operators
  • Security guard
  • Customer Service representatives
  • Data collection
  • E-banking clerks
  • Cashier


  • Educational requirements vary significantly based on the job
  • Some positions may provide on-the-job training, while others may require a college degree
  • Certification in a trade area may improve your chances of job security

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