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There are many avenues you can take when looking for a job. Below are several ideas and ways to connect with potential employers, including valuable online search platforms to help you find a job.

  • Direct applications: If you’re applying to local businesses or smaller companies, consider submitting your resume and application in person. This demonstrates your proactive approach and eagerness to engage with the company beyond digital communication. Ask if you can speak briefly with someone from HR or management to express your interest.
  • Cold visits & inquiries: Research companies you’re interested in working for and visit their locations in person. Even if they aren’t advertising job openings, by introducing yourself and inquiring about potential opportunities shows initiative. You can also ask to leave a copy of your resume and contact information for consideration.
  • Online job search platforms: Job search websites have revolutionized the way job seekers discover employment opportunities. With user-friendly interfaces and advanced search filters, these platforms enable you to tailor your job search according to your skills, experience, location, and preferences.
  • Job fairs & networking events: Attending job fairs, career expos, or industry-specific events provides an excellent opportunity to engage with employers face-to-face. These events gather multiple employers in one place, giving you the chance to introduce yourself, ask questions, and learn about various job openings. Prepare an elevator pitch, bring copies of your resume, and be ready to discuss your skills and enthusiasm.
  • Company visits & open houses: Some companies host open houses or offer tours to provide insight into their operations and culture. Participating in such events not only lets you learn about the company but also enables you to introduce yourself to company representatives and express your interest in potential job opportunities.
  • Register with your local unemployment office: Even if you are not eligible for unemployment benefits, many State job assistance programs are open to the public. They have resources to help you research job openings, create a resume, apply for jobs, and research labor market trends.
  • Staffing agencies: Staffing agencies take the time to understand your career goals, strengths, and aspirations. This personalized approach enables them to present you with job opportunities that closely match your preferences. Whether you’re seeking short-term assignments, contract positions, or permanent roles, staffing agencies can help you secure employment that aligns with your skill set and circumstances.

Job Search Tool for Individuals with a Record

The Honest Jobs online job search tool is uniquely tailored to provide employment opportunities for individuals with a record.

  • Precise & relevant job matches: Through a detailed screening process, you are matched with jobs that align with your skills and aspirations, while considering your background. The jobs presented are with companies that hire individuals with certain records, ensuring that you’re presented with opportunities that genuinely align with your circumstances.
  • Exclusive opportunities with Second Chance employers: Honest Jobs collaborates with employers committed to providing second chances. When you apply through our platform, you’re connecting with companies that have made a conscious decision to consider candidates with certain records.

Additionally, Honest Jobs offers the convenience of uploading your existing resume or building a basic one. This ensures that your application showcases your strengths and skills effectively. We understand that every step in your journey matters, and this platform is designed to support you at each stage, from job search to application.

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Diversify Your Approach

Most companies now post job openings and seek candidates online. Familiarizing yourself with multiple job boards and websites is a smart step in your employment search.

Another great resource is CareerOneStop, which compiles job postings from the National Labor Exchange. To begin your search, simply enter a job title and your location to gain access to thousands of job opportunities.

Temp & Staffing Agencies

Temporary job opportunities can be a strategic move for reentrants. Temp agencies, also known as staffing agencies, offer numerous benefits—both in the short- and long-term. These agencies can assist you in improving your resume, provide a quicker hiring process, and help build a pathway to a permanent job. It’s important to note that when you work with a staffing agency, you are paid by the agency, not directly by the company where you are placed.

How Staffing Agencies Work

Staffing agencies work as intermediaries between job seekers and employers. These agencies maintain relationships with various companies, helping them find suitable candidates to fill temporary or permanent job openings. When you apply with a staffing agency, they will first assess your skills, experience, and preferences to match you with job opportunities.

A Bridge to Long-term Employment

Many staffing agencies offer “temporary to permanent” opportunities, which can be an excellent option for reentrants seeking long-term employment. With temp to perm placements, you start as a temporary employee at a company with the possibility of being hired as a permanent employee, based on your performance and fit with the organization. This approach gives employers a chance to evaluate your capabilities while offering you a chance to demonstrate your skills and dedication.

Agencies that Provide Second Chance Opportunities

Some staffing agencies specialize in offering second chance opportunities to individuals with a criminal record. These agencies recognize the potential and value in reentrants seeking employment and provide tailored support to help them succeed. Consider reaching out to these staffing agencies who work with reentrants:

  1. Adecco
  2. Express Employment
  3. Integrity Staffing

Take the first step towards your career transformation today. Remember, with dedication and the right resources, you can find fulfilling employment and build a brighter future for yourself.

If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it.

– Harvey MacKay
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