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Making a successful transition back into society after incarceration is not easy, and finding the right job can be especially challenging. That’s why we have assembled some helpful resources to make the process easier.

Trade schools, also known as technical colleges or vocational schools, focus on specialized job training to prepare students for jobs in specific fields.

This page features valuable information on finding trade schools that offer hands-on skill building and career-oriented courses.

When considering a vocational program or trade school, look for programs that:

  • Focus on skills and career training
  • Provide hands-on experience or apprenticeships
  • Include accreditation and certification
  • Offer flexible financial aid options

Finding the right vocational program or trade school is essential to gaining valuable skills and experience.

Use the resources below to find the best fit for you and start your journey to success today.

Trade Schools and Vocational Programs Database:

CareerOneStop gives you access to a comprehensive list of trade schools and vocational programs by state. You can search by location and program type to find the perfect fit for you.

Apprentice Programs:

Many apprenticeships are available to formerly incarcerated individuals, particularly in skilled trades such as plumbing, electrical work, and carpentry.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services:

These services are available in every state and provide support and assistance to individuals with disabilities, including those who have been incarcerated. Vocational rehabilitation counselors can help you find vocational programs and financial aid options.

Community Colleges:

Community colleges often offer vocational programs and trade school courses at a lower cost than traditional universities. Many also offer financial aid and scholarship options to help with the cost of tuition.

Professional Associations:

Professional associations for specific industries offer training and apprenticeship programs and can be great for networking and finding opportunities for career development.

Find Training Today

CareerOneStop offers access to training programs and trade schools provided by the U.S. Department of Labor. To begin your search, simply enter a keyword and location. For the best results, use a specific trade, job title, school, or certification in the keyword section.

Learn About the Different Trades and Vocations

Vocational programs and trade schools offer career-focused training and hands-on skill development. Programs can be finished in two years or less and equip you with the skills necessary to begin or enhance your career. If you need assistance figuring out the best trade for you, search by industry below to learn about the different opportunities and for information on the types of jobs, educational requirements, industry insights, and general tips.

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