Insights into Buying a Used Car

May 7th, 2024|

Owning a car can significantly enhance your mobility and open new opportunities. Reliable transportation is essential in your reentry journey, so that you are able to get to work, school, appointments, and more. Depending on where you live, you may [...]

Hold on to Hope

April 25th, 2024|

Jeremy M., a product of a broken family in Pennsylvania, grew up without guidance or long-term plans. He embraced a life of spontaneity, living only for the present moment. At the age of 19, Jeremy developed an online friendship with [...]

The Benefits of Tattoo Removal

January 25th, 2024|

Upon reentry, tattoos can serve as a constant and painful reminder of the past. Seeing these visible marks everyday may reinforce an identity that you no longer align with and can be a barrier to moving on personally and professionally. [...]

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