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Find Your Path Forward: How a Mentor Can Be Your Partner in Reentry

Reentry after any period of incarceration may present challenges. You may be encountering obstacles related to having your freedom back, securing housing, finding employment, staying sober, breaking old ties, or rebuilding relationships with family and friends. Please remember, you are not alone in this process. Reentry support systems, such as mentorship, are available to equip [...]

Total Transformation

Dejon was incarcerated for 7 ½ years and during that time realized he needed to make a major transformation in the way he thought and acted. He realized the best way to change himself was starting from within and building outwards. Throughout the years, Dejon met many men on their journey to reform and began [...]


Vernard was 9 years old when he witnessed his mother kill his father. Without a positive role model at home, he turned to the streets and started to rebel. His first encounter with the law was at 10 years old, and he continued down a destructive path throughout his teenage years, ultimately dropping out of [...]

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