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As a Veteran, you face unique challenges when returning into civilian life. This may include lingering day-to-day challenges such as trauma, healthcare, housing, and more. Our mission is to help you find the resources and tools you need to successfully return to the community and build a brighter future.

Navigating Trauma & Mental Health

Veterans often carry the weight of trauma from their service experiences. We recognize the importance of addressing mental health issues and providing resources to support your well-being. Here are several options you can investigate.

  • Mental health resources: Use our resource map, and choose the Veterans Affairs category to find counseling, therapy, and support groups. We can help you find professionals who understand the unique challenges you may face.
  • Trauma-informed care: This approach addresses the invisible injuries that affect the way we interact with the world around us. Watch this two-minute video to learn more about trauma-informed care approaches and how it can aid in your healing process and support your reentry journey.

Veterans’ Healthcare & Disability

Healthcare and health-related issues are some of the biggest concerns for Veterans. Below you’ll find helpful information and guidance to ensure you get access to the help you need.

  • Veterans Affairs (VA) health benefits: VA healthcare can help you get the care you need, including regular checkups with a primary care provider and appointments with specialists. Click here to find the nearest VA medical center. If you are an unhoused Veteran in need of healthcare, get help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling the National Call Center for Homeless Veterans at (1-877-424-3838). Trained counselors will provide free and confidential assistance.
  • Disability pay: Did you know Veterans who were injured or became ill during their service, or whose service made an existing condition worse, may be eligible for monthly tax-free payments from the VA?

Click here to find out if you’re eligible for VA disability benefits for a presumptive disability or other service-connected condition. You may also visit your local Veterans Affairs office for more information.

Housing & Stability

Securing stable housing is fundamental to a successful reentry. We can help you find resources to address your housing challenges.

Develop Digital Skills

Digital literacy is crucial in today’s job market. Whether you’re looking to enhance your existing skills or start from scratch, we offer guides and information on a range of resources to help you succeed.

  • Online courses: Access a variety of online courses and Adult Education Centers with classes tailored to individuals in reentry, covering topics such as computer literacy, coding, digital marketing, and more. These courses are designed to equip you with the skills you need to thrive in today’s digital age.
  • Virtual tutorials: Discover virtual tutorials and webinars led by experts in the field. These sessions will not only help you build your digital skills, but also provide valuable insights into the job market and career development.

Employment & Career Support

Finding meaningful employment is a vital step in your reentry process. Honest Jobs specializes in connecting individuals with criminal records to employers who are willing to hire based on individual circumstances.

  • Fair-chance employers: Fair-chance employers are businesses that have a policy of not asking about criminal history on job applications or during interviews. This policy helps to level the playing field for job seekers with criminal records. Register, and your profile will automatically be available on the Honest Jobs platform, expanding your reach to a network of 1,400+ potential employers.
  • Personalized job matching: The platform uses an algorithm to match your skills and background with job opportunities. This personalized approach increases your chances of finding the right job fit 8x faster.

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