Total Transformation

Dejon was incarcerated for 7 ½ years and during that time realized he needed to make a major transformation in the way he thought and acted. He realized the best way to change himself was starting from within and building outwards. Throughout the years, Dejon met many men on their journey to reform and began to recognize what was needed to become a productive and successful person.

Finding a Passion

In 2014, while still incarcerated, Dejon started his own rehabilitation program called Projekt G.E.M.S. as he became more aware of the problems and nature of criminal behavior. Through his firsthand experience, he created a program focused on crime prevention, lifestyle rehabilitation, and behavioral modification. Dejon found a formula for success that worked for himself and became passionate about helping other men succeed. He believes in patience, perseverance, and discipline.

The Commitment Continues

Today Dejon takes self-help classes and has committed himself to staying positive and helping others become better versions of themselves. With support from his family and local community, he stays motivated to help others through the difficult journey and spread his inspiration.

Published On: December 10th, 2019|Categories: Mentorship Resources, Second Chance Stories|

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