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Freed by Faith

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Josephine E. found herself in a dark place due to her alcohol use. It wasn’t until her church was seeking a recovery group coordinator that she found the motivation to make a change. Asking for Help At her lowest point, Josephine turned to faith and her community to guide her toward a successful recovery. Through [...]

How to Maintain Your Sobriety During Stressful Times

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Everyone deals with stress at one time or another, and for individuals in recovery, stress and triggers can challenge one’s sobriety. Substance use is often a quick way to deal with stress, and while drugs and alcohol provide temporary pain relief, they can also inflict much harsher, long-term consequences. You may be asking, “how else [...]

The Opioid Epidemic & Medication-Assisted Treatment

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In 2017, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) declared a public health emergency, commonly referred to as the “Opioid Epidemic". In response to the increasing rates of opioid-related deaths and Opioid-use Disorder (OUD), the government launched several initiatives to combat the crisis. Despite these reform efforts, over two million Americans suffer from OUD, [...]

Navigating Reentry Clean and Sober

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Making the shift from incarceration to the community can pose many challenges. You may find yourself overwhelmed or stressed with new responsibilities, especially if you have a history of substance abuse. Research suggests that drug and alcohol relapse is one of the leading causes of recidivism. Luckily, many free resources exist to manage your sobriety [...]

Changing Perspectives

George had been a hustler his whole life until the law finally caught up with him. He knew that something needed to shift, and when he finally became willing to change, he had a new perspective on life. George knew the reentry program he was referred to was not going to be easy, but he [...]

Stopping the Cycle

Kenneth grew up in the juvenile system living in detention centers for seven years. The cycle continued into adulthood after he was charged with a criminal offense. He was released on bail to reentry programming where he learned about substance abuse and was able to accept his drug addiction. Now 19, Kenneth has interrupted the [...]

A Longtime Addict

Joshua was an active addict involved with drugs for as long as he can remember. He went to prison at 26 years old and did fourteen months on the inside. While in prison he made the decision to start a new life. He soon realized that everything in his life would have to change and [...]

Faith Helps

Gary comes from a large family of nine, he is married and has seven children. He depends on his faith to maintain his sobriety. When offering advice, Gary recommends recovering addicts take one step at a time, and make sure God, your family, your church family, and friends are all part of your support system. [...]

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