Freed by Faith

Josephine E. found motivation as a substance use recovery group coordinator for her church, illustrating the journey to hope.

Josephine E. found herself in a dark place due to her alcohol use. It wasn’t until her church was seeking a recovery group coordinator that she found the motivation to make a change.

Asking for Help

At her lowest point, Josephine turned to faith and her community to guide her toward a successful recovery. Through faith and service, she has been able to find her way toward a brighter future. Through her experience, she found that there is no shame in asking for help. Josephine tried the “I can do this on my own” path and would not recommend it to others. She learned that with the support of her community and loved ones, she could accomplish more than she could on her own.

Your Past Does Not Define Your Future

Josephine is not ashamed of her past. She believes in sharing her story and giving strength to others when they feel weak or uncertain in their healing process. Josephine said, “we all have a darkness that once cast a shadow over our lives—it is time to stand in the sun.” Recovery is not an easy journey, but it is obtainable.

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Published On: November 7th, 2023|Categories: Second Chance Stories, Substance Use Resources|

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