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Maladaptive Behaviors

A native of Puerto Rico, Aurea reports that her history of maladaptive behaviors began when she was around the age of 21. At that point, she began to indulge in alcohol and drug use which subsequently lead to troubles with the law. In total, her criminal history led to 15 arrests and two convictions. Aurea’s [...]

Criminal Lifestyle

Lawrence was 12 years old when he first experimented with marijuana, and by 16 he had moved onto stronger drugs like meth and heroin. He received his first felony and was sentenced to six years of incarceration. While incarcerated, Lawrence claims he found solace in befriending gang members and even inherited the nickname “Big Country.” [...]

A Lifetime of Addiction

Mark drank and used drugs most of his life, beginning with alcohol when he was only 12 years old, then progressing to marijuana, followed by hard drugs. Mark’s father worked three jobs and provided for his family, but Mark wanted more. When Mark was 13, he figured out the way to get everything that he [...]

Lifestyle of Addiction

As a dual diagnosed addict, Jacob found himself in and out of institutions most of his life starting at the age of 15. Jacob would steal from his closest friends and family and found himself in court often. His behavior and lifestyle choices led him down a damaging path of addiction. Jacob hated life and [...]

Prison as a Means to Change

Tommaso ended up in prison where he claims his journey of recovery began. He became open-minded to programs of recovery and creating positive change while incarcerated. He embraced the programming offered to him and dedicated himself to pursuing a second chance. He considers himself hard-working, driven, and strong-willed and applied these traits to achieve recovery. [...]

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