Staying Sober: a Success Story from GEO Reentry Connect

I have a whole new life with sober friends.

Nate described himself as “an out of control alcoholic” for 11 years. It wasn’t until he spent time in a prison treatment center that his eyes were opened to some of his addictive behaviors. Now that Nate is living a life of sobriety, he has some advice for others going through what he went through. He advises to change the people, places and things that contributed to your alcoholism – to not be afraid of starting over alone. “I have a whole new life with sober friends.” Nate also says to stay focused on your sobriety, keep a support group of sober close family and friends, and attend AA meetings.

Nate says he wakes up every morning feeling great. He has a job that he loves and realizes that he can do it well now that he’s sober. Nate stays focused on his sobriety and has nice things without having to struggle to pay his bills like he used to when he was addicted to alcohol.

Published On: November 10th, 2019|Categories: Second Chance Stories, Substance Use Resources|

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