Stopping the Cycle

His desire to be the son, brother, spouse, and father his family deserved was ignited and encouraged while he was there.

Kenneth grew up in the juvenile system living in detention centers for seven years. The cycle continued into adulthood after he was charged with a criminal offense. He was released on bail to reentry programming where he learned about substance abuse and was able to accept his drug addiction. Now 19, Kenneth has interrupted the cycle of addiction and crime that started with being open to reentry programming.

A New Beginning

Kenneth learned from others how to lay the foundation for a successful lifestyle. Being young and now having an awareness of the tools to maintain sobriety, he looks forward to pursuing new goals that will support a successful path going forward. Kenneth is grateful for the support of his family and friends, and a new beginning that could yield great promise.

Published On: February 10th, 2020|Categories: Second Chance Stories, Substance Use Resources|

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