What Does a Career in Non-Profit Look Like?

Working in the non-profit sector of the employment field is often rewarding and satisfying. If you like helping others, giving back to your community, and helping others less fortunate, a career at a non-profit organization may be for you. Non-profit businesses do not aim to make a profit but to fulfill the charitable purpose of their mission. Non-profits include charities, religious groups, advocacy groups, educational and informational, and community organizations.

The roles needed to operate a non-profit are the same as other office-like settings, including people to answer phones, maintain the website, bookkeeper, administrative staff, as well as experts in the field of the non-profit. If the organization is small, staff may be required to perform multiple duties, often serving to provide a well-rounded experience and an opportunity to learn many aspects of the business.

Types of Jobs

  • Community organizer
  • Volunteer organizer
  • Researcher
  • Administrative staff
  • Web designer/IT staff/social media expert
  • Customer service
  • Driver
  • Grant specialist
  • Fundraiser
  • Database maintenance

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