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Success Stories

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"Keep an open mind when starting reentry programming. Be open to the promise of living clean and sober."
— Lonnie T.

"I’m grateful for the second chance God has given me to make up for my past."
— Al-Tariq M.

"Darris helps former offenders and substance abuse addicts find their way and the critical resources they need."
— Darris H.

"Whatever it takes, stay sober and change everything."
— Joshua H.

"I’m ever so grateful for the opportunity to get a second chance at life."
— Kenneth H.

"Be patient and work hard. Don’t lose your enthusiasm even when confronting life’s challenges."
— Edgar S.

"Don’t rush and take one step at a time living day by day."
— Gary W.

"Stay positive and make a genuine effort to change."
— Dejon M.

"Someone once told me if you put as much time into your sobriety as you did your addiction career, you will succeed!"
— Nate B.

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You must expect great things of youself before you can do them.

– Michael Jordan