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Vernard was 9 years old when he witnessed his mother kill his father.  Without a positive role model at home, he turned to the […]


Focus on Needs

Tobin worked with his Case Managers as he prepared to leave prison.  Because of his sex offender status, he knew it would […]


Fitting In

At 13, Tim smoked marijuana for the first time, so that he would fit in with other kids.  He was the oldest son […]


Staying Sober

Nate described himself as “an out of control alcoholic” for 11 years.  It wasn’t until he spent time in a prison treatment center […]


A Lifetime of Addiction

Mark drank and used drugs most of his life, beginning with alcohol when he was only 12 years old, then progressing […]


Growing Up In Detention

Lonnie grew up in a single-parent home and was the middle child of three siblings.  Because of his upbringing and the […]


Criminal Lifestyle

Lawrence was 12 years old when he first experimented with marijuana, and by 16 he had moved onto stronger drugs like meth and […]


Trouble at a Young Age

Jessie got involved in criminal activity at a very young age.  He first encountered trouble with the law for shoplifting […]


Lifestyle of Addiction

As a dual diagnosed addict, Jacob found himself in and out of institutions most of his life starting at the age of […]


Faith Helps

Gary comes from a large family of nine, he is married and has seven children.  He depends on his faith to maintain his […]


Battling Addiction

At 13, Dorothy started experimenting with drugs, and by 15 she was addicted.  After high school, she turned to the streets full time, […]


Total Transformation

Dejon was incarcerated for 7 ½ years and during that time realized he needed to make a major transformation in the way he […]


The Wrong Crowd

Darris was the youngest of 10 children and lived with both parents until they divorced when he was 7 years old.  As […]


An Injury Changed Everything

Ben’s job in the coal mines paid him well, but after an injury he was prescribed pain medication. He began taking […]


Maladaptive Behaviors

A native of Puerto Rico, Aurea reports that her history of maladaptive behaviors began when she was around the age of 21.  At that point, […]


Venturing Off Track

Al-Tariq and his siblings grew up in a single parent home. Raised by his mother and maternal grandmother, he excelled in school […]