A Rough Start

It’s never too late for ‘happily ever after.

After serving her sentence, Tanya returned home to an unstable living environment. While incarcerated, her apartment was broken into, and most of her belongings were stolen or damaged. Tanya was left with little to nothing and felt like a stranger in her own home. Very quickly, Tanya realized that if she was going to have a successful transition to the community, things needed to change.

Staying Focused & Determined

Before her conviction, Tanya was pursuing a job in the behavioral health industry. This was always her passion, and now clean and sober, she was more determined than ever. After many weeks of searching, she found a behavioral technician job for children with autism. Immediately, Tanya reached out to the Human Resources Department and scheduled a zoom interview.

Overcoming Fear

Two days after her interview, Human Resources said they needed to conduct a background check. Her excitement about the opportunity quickly turned into fear. For a few days, Tanya ignored the follow-up phone calls and emails before realizing she had to face her past. She found the courage to pick up the phone and be truthful about her conviction, explaining that her past mistakes enabled her to change for the better. Tanya was proud of herself. Instead of reverting to old habits, she was able to handle the situation like a professional. For her, quitting was not an option.

Working Towards a Future

A few days later, Tanya received an offer letter for the position. Her persistence and honesty paid off. She realized that it’s never too late for “happily ever after”. At 54 years old, Tanya has not given up, remains sober, and now works at her dream job.

Published On: January 10th, 2021|Categories: Employment Resources, Second Chance Stories|

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