Battling Addiction

Today, Dorothy has a new life.

At 13, Dorothy started experimenting with drugs, and by 15 she was addicted. After high school, she turned to the streets full time, where she sought acceptance and approval while battling her addiction. Her criminal activities and drug use lead to more than 30 arrests and 8 incarcerations. Dorothy ultimately lost parental rights to her son.

Never Too Late

While facing her eighth and final conviction, Dorothy was sent to a residential reentry facility to seek treatment. She was 54 at the time. Believing it was never too late to make a change in her behavior and mentality, she enrolled in the programs offered at the facility. She participated and absorbed as much as she could, realizing the tools she was learning were lifelong skills.

A New Life

Today, Dorothy has a new life – she is reunited with her family, has her own apartment, and is working as a Resident Manager at a transitional complex. She also volunteers in the female unit at another facility twice a week and attends many alumni activities. Her efforts have earned her the nickname, “the mother of alumni.” Dorothy shares her story of hope and perseverance with current participants, and at age 64, she continues to inspire us all.

Published On: July 10th, 2019|Categories: Employment Resources, Second Chance Stories|

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