Focus on Needs

Tobin worked with his case managers as he prepared to leave prison. Because of his sex offender status, he knew it would be difficult to find housing.

A New Opportunity

After a month of searching for work, Tobin’s probation officer granted him permission to look in a neighboring county. Tobin landed a temporary painting job, and his sister allowed him to stay at her residence while he completed the work. That job quickly evolved into a full-time opportunity, and the positive outlook prompted him and his sister to decide to continue living together.

Fulfilling Obligations

Just three months since his release, Tobin is happily employed full-time and has recently completed a project painting a local Baskin-Robbins. He continues to check in and provide updates on his progress with his probation officer while working on fulfilling his pending obligations.

Published On: October 10th, 2019|Categories: Employment Resources, Second Chance Stories|

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