National Fitness Day: Tips to Motivate You

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Fitness Day, also known as National Workout Day, is celebrated on the first Saturday of May, and is a day dedicated to physical and mental health. We all know that exercise is important, but the demands of everyday life can interfere with our fitness goals. Work, family, school, and other reentry commitments may leave little time for an exercise routine. Luckily, there are many ways you can commit to your fitness, and it’s never too late to start.

Understanding Fitness

Studies show that exercise plays a big role in both your physical and mental health. A common misconception is that fitness means going to the gym every day and following a strict diet. Exercise should be invigorating. A healthy lifestyle looks different for everyone, so find balance and a routine that works for you.

Work Out at Home

If you like the structure of group fitness classes, free apps like FitOn allow you to choose your workout by category, target body parts, length of time, and intensity. YouTube videos are also a great way to find thousands of classes and fitness routines at no cost.


Walking is one of the most effective and beneficial forms of exercise. Just 30 minutes a day can reduce body fat, strengthen bones and muscles, boost endurance, and it’s a great way to decompress. If you are new to exercise, split your time between two 15-minute walks.

Stay motivated well after National Fitness Day
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Try Something New

Today, there are many options to get creative with your fitness regimen. If you are someone who gets bored with the same routine, explore different options. Try activities such as kickboxing, Zumba®, water aerobics, boot camps, yoga, or going to the batting cage. See if there are free groups or clubs in your community. Group exercise can be especially helpful if you find it challenging to get and stay motivated.

From Prison or Jail to Community Life

For individuals on probation or parole, maintaining a positive lifestyle starts with mental and physical health. Many individuals, if they have formerly been incarcerated, may have started a health physical exercise program that helped them to keep a sound mind while preparing for return to the community. The Prison Fellowship’s “How to Survive Prison: How to Eat Right and Stay Fit in Prison” offers some great tips for inmates as well as those who are returning to community life. Enjoy National Fitness Day and remember that taking the time to keep a sound mind and body can reduce stressors and triggers commonly encountered in the community.

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