The Wrong Crowd

Darris was the youngest of 10 children and lived with both parents until they divorced when he was 7 years old. As a teenager he started hanging out with the wrong crowd, dropping out of high school by the age of 16. Darris developed a drug and alcohol dependency which led to criminal activity and his first arrest at 18 years old. “I chose to do what I wanted to do, opposed to doing what I was taught at home,” he shares.

Focus on Change

Darris continued down this destructive path and spent the next 25 years in and out of correctional facilities. During this time, he also became a father to 4 children, one of which passed away at a young age. Deep down, he knew he wanted to be a better father so his kids wouldn’t follow in his footsteps. Darris decided it was time to change after being given a five-year sentence in state prison in 2009. With a new desire to become the man, father, and son that his family deserved, he transferred from state prison to a residential reentry facility and focused on programs to better himself.

A New Perspective

In 2013, Darris was released from the reentry facility with a new perspective on life. He started working for a local trucking company. After 3 years, he followed his calling to help others and left his job. Darris became an Operations Counselor and eventually a Case Manager, where he helps former offenders and substance abuse addicts find their way and the critical resources they need. Darris continues to support the alumni efforts and has become an active member of his church. However, what’s most important to him is that he became the father to his children and the son to his mother that he always wanted to be.

Published On: February 5th, 2020|Categories: Employment Resources, Second Chance Stories|

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